Module 3
QINOpractic Rehab and Applied Strain and counter strain (SCS)

This is the final block of the physical part of QINOpractic Medicine.
Module 4-8 are more mentally or psychologically geared

This is the third module in QINOpractic Medicine.

Here we start off by focusing on rehabilitation exercises for our patients/clients. We also include some great stuff from Active Release Technique and Bowen Technique in this section. In your courses to Diplomate you learned a couple of great rehab exercises, but now it's time to add even more great techniques end exercises.

We then continue to Strain and Counter Strain. SCS is a gentle form of treatment designed to release the blockage in the joints of the spine. By finding a pain free position for the cramped muscle (that blocked the vertebra) you can relax with movement and this will release the blocked vertebra.
Our SCS course is an applied one and it focuses on the upper thoracic spine and neck regions only. The technique is perfect to treat torticollis and to alleviate symptoms in patients with whiplash injuries. It is not a full course in Strain and Counter strain but an applied course to suit the needs of a QINOpractic Medicine Practitioner.

We the top off the weekend with some great Kinesiological techniques which works perfectly with SCS and works as a bridge to our later courses, that focuses on the mental aspects of the human being.

Muscle testing. Applied Kinesiology, Physiology, anatomy and treatment techniques. Strain and Counterstrain theory and philosophy. QINOpractic Rehab.

Treatment Techniques:
A variety of rehab exercises, Active Release Technique Bowen Technique, Strain and Counterstrain

Course length:
3 full days (9-17)

QINOpractic practitioner.