Module 4
Neurological Calibration

(Module 4-8 are the mental or psychological part of QINOpractic Medicine)

This 3-day course will forever change the way you think about healing of the body, how things actually work, how to treat dyslexia and why is this integration important for Sports Performance (in pros and average Joe's). How can old patterns and fear affect our work as therapists?

I will during these days teach you how to synchronize the left and right brain hemispheres, which is extremely important when it comes to achieving a long lasting effect with your treatments.

Stress and, or, trauma, causes imbalance in the body. They simply shut down functions that are not related to survival. This natural defence is useful and crucial for our survival when we’re in a car crash, for example. But sometimes this imbalance remains long after the incident and will cause problems on many levels in our body

This integration is extremely important when it comes to Sports Performance, or rather Peak Performance.
Let's talk golf for example:
You’ve got 150 meters to the hole. The wind is coming from the left, the green tilts this or that way, the bunkers are there and there, the stance and the grip is like this, you will use a 9-iron. All this information is stored and processed on the left side of your brain.

But the flow of the swing, the rhythm, the proper pace of the club, the correct muscle activation and relaxation of the movement is all stored and processed on the right side.
If the two brain halves can’t integrate and transfer the information from analytical to execution, it doesn't matter if you are the best analyzer in the world, you just wouldn't make it.

Healing of old injuries:
Let's say, you’ve had a knee injury 5-6 years ago. The body is supposed to heal that injury. The body is supposed to heal all injuries, but sometimes the healing program has to shut down and stop the healing of an injury, due to survival. Let's say you get a virus infection at the same time, then the brain has to choose, healing the knee injury or taking care of the virus infection? The body will always choose survival and will shut down the healing process for survival.
I’ve had 100’s of clients who suffered a knee injury many years ago and still have problems, even though everything is fixed, then the ”healing program” was never turned back on again. Our job.

This demonstrates that if you are programmed to shut down the leg during stress, then you will reinjure that leg over and over again if we don’t get the healing program back on track. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen player re-injury themselves and I know that this is the problem. So, let's sort it out.

Dyslexia, ADHD
This is probably where we get the greatest results, well, at least we can make the greatest impact on a person life. To help people with these problems is very important to an awful lot of people, especially little kiddies. Neurological Calibration is a crucial part of healing Dyslexia and ADHD.

Unlock your potential:
Between age 3 and 8, we develop hemispheric dominance, right handed, left foot, things like that. But this is also a time in our lives that we absorb a lot of information and ”truths” (we are not made from money, nothing is free, you have to work hard to get anything). All these ”truths" about us, and what is expected of us is stored somewhere in the brain. If it's stored on the left side of the brain, then you will over-analyze the situation, try to find cause and effect, look very rationally at the problem at hand. If the ”truth” is stored on the right side of the brain, there will be a lot of feelings/emotions involved.

By the age of 40, you will have internal dialogue with yourself and you can’t analyze or rationalize the situation. In order for you to heal, you need full brain integration and that's what this weekend is all about.

Left Brain Right Brain
Focuses on the verbal Parts and specifics Focuses on the visual See the whole
Processing information in an analytical and sequential way Processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way
Look first at the pieces and then putting them together to get "the whole" Look first at "the whole" (the big) picture then the details
Verbal and analytical Non-verbal and intuitive
  Using pictures

Though right-brain or non-verbal thinking is often regarded as more ‘creative’, there is no right or wrong here; it is merely two different ways of thinking.
One is not better than the other, just as being right-handed is not ‘superior’ to being left-handed.

What is important is to be aware that there are different ways of thinking, and by knowing what your natural preference is, you can pay attention to your less dominant side to improve the same.

Left Brain Right Brain
Logical, see reason (Science) See only parts and specifics Intuition / Emotions (gut feeling) See the whole and relationships
Language Thinks in pictures
Writing Music, Dance, Rhythm
Analytical, breaks apart Identifies with the group
Thinks sequentially Is introverted
Is extroverted Art
is ordered/controlled Creativity / Fantasy
Linear Thinking Thinks holistically

The left side of the brain analyses everything and tries to finds the logic in any gives situation. It keeps analyzing the pieces of the puzzle.
The right part of the brain listens to one’s intuition and uses more nonlinear thinking and creativity. The front of the puzzle box is on this side.

But the right hemisphere of the brain can't make any sense of what that picture is, it doesn't understand what and why it is there.
The left side analyses and analyses the pieces but has no clue on what the peeeep this is.
The two parts of the puzzle make no sense if they are not put together. That's what we do. Bring the 2 parts of the brain together so that you can reach the important full brain state, which is a state you have to be in, in order to once and for all change your beliefs.

Learn how to calibrate the two brain hemispheres, and how to adjust the Atlas vertebra and how to re-program old faulty patterns in the body.

The course in Neurological Calibration (NC) is a unique course that is not offered anywhere else and this is the first one in the UK so far. It’s been running in Sweden for the past 10 years.

Before we can help or clients/patients we need to put the body in full body/mind integration. One great weekend...

Applied, Physiological and Neurological Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Neurophysiology, Analysis of brain functions and brain waves, Storing of memories and how this affects us later in life, Gait pattern, Postural Reflexes, Physiology, Functional Neurology, Integrated Rehabilitation, Stress and Stress Reactions in the Body, Peak Performance in Sport and everyday life. QINOpractic Philosophy, NLP.

Treatment Techniques:
Muscle Testing, Applied Kinesiology treatment techniques, like PRY and Gait, Eye Movement Therapy, Neurological Calibration (NC) and Emotional Neurological Calibration (ENC), Atlas Release.

Course length:
3 full days (9-17)

UK, Ireland, and Scotland: Level 3 Certificate in any Therapy where Anatomy and Physiology is a part of the curriculum.
(Note, It is preferable if have at least 3 years experience as a therapist or relevant bodywork, this is for your sake, since the courses are fairly advanced.
The rest of Europe or the world: Minimum a level of education in the Complementary Medicine field that entitles you to a certification to practice in your Country, and have adequate insurance.