QINOpractic 10

European College of QINOpractic Medicine

QINOpractic Medicine Module 10

Course length:

3 days (9,00 am - 5,00 pm)




QINOpractic Medicine Practitioner and a member of the IQA.



Course certificate and Master title:

After successful completion of the course, you will receive a course certificate.


Master of QINOpractic Medicine:

After this step, you have to work for at least a further six months and have fulfilled the following requirements:

- Attended at least one module 1 course volunteering as an assistant

- Completed a minimum of 120 case-studies after your Certification as QINOpractic Medicine practitioner

Once these requirements been met, you can apply for the title "Master of QINOpractic Medicine" at the International QINOpractic Association.

QINOpractic, Module 10

The very last step in QINOpractic, to reach the highest level - Master of QINOpractic Medicine.

A big congratulation to you for your persistent and consistent effort which has brought you this far.

You will have complete: Module 1 - totally overturned your house of cards, made you look at the body and the causes of pain from an entirely different perspective.

Given you a deeper understanding. Module 3 and 4 - continued with some great techniques, which, I know, are some of your absolute favourites (craniosacral techniques and cranial therapy).

The last half of the five days was designed to tie the bag together to go through the actual QINOpractic treatment, tying up all the wisdom and knowledge that you have learned so far. You now know how to perform miracles.

To end all of your courses in QINOpractic Medicine and reach Master level, you will learn a fantastic new technique, which I've named "Energetic Synchronisation Therapy".

This course is designed by myself and is not offered anywhere else in the world.

EST is a non-forceful, energy balancing technique and used to help re-establish the full healing potential of the body. The technique looks very different and will get your body (subconscious mind) to understand the problem and then solve it. Healing comes from within and here we will teach you how to tap into this source.

You, as a therapist, can only guide the patient into health. A technique that promises fantastic results, but looks completely different than anything you have seen so far in your life. If you want to work with this technique, you shouldn't be afraid to look outside the box and not worry about the naysayers who might call you a Witch).

This weekend primarily involves developing you personally. There will be an enormous number of "breakthrough's" during this weekend for you as a person, many wounds will be opened and healed, many tears and bad memories, but a lot more laughter and joy. Welcome to a new life.

Welcome to the future.

Treatment Technique:

Energetic Synchronisation Therapy


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